After Shift


Oh my goodness. I just made a soap that actually made me sweat while working with it!! The whole process was worse (almost) than my post about my 15 lb bar of soap.

Everything went wrong. I melted my oils and as usual I put my fragrance, French market,  in the oils like always. Only I meant to not do that this time. I have read that this particular fragrance discolors somewhat so I wanted to only put it in the non white parts of the soap so at least if it darkened bad I would still have at least 2 colors. I have not used it before so I prepared myself

Problem number 2: I put goats milk in the lye. Yes most people do that but I have learned in the past you can really easily get a caramel colored mess. I froze a small amount of goats milk (just a couple of ounces) and even put the lye into ice instead of regular water to keep it cool so this would not happen. Needless to say I am going back to my old ways.

Problem number 3: I knew the fragrance makes soap batter move fast. Meaning the soap will turn solid faster than normal. By this I mean I put the lye in the oils and WHAM instant soap. I totally could forget the in the pot swirl I was going to demonstrate. Now I am showing how to try to triumph over soap on a stick! The soap actually started gelling in the bowl as I was trying to mix it.

At this point I could not even do plop and drop! I have to layer the soap that is the consistency of lumpy mashed potatoes into a container and make it look smooth. I used a spatula to whip it into submission. When that did not work I had to use my gloved hands to cram it into the mold. No fancy anything. I am pretty sure it will be Christmas presents for the kids and maybe the homeless.

I put it in my oven hoping to force the gel phase to cover up all the errors. I am sure in the process I will probably burn off the fragrance which actually smells good still.

Why the title after shift? That is what I am naming this masterpiece! After Shift. It is a tribute to all the caregivers and hospital personnel that get battered and bruised during their shift still managing to care for people while breaking their backs. When you get home feeling like a prize fighter who has just lost their fight and wearing clothing you would rather just burn than washing.

It is for the people that did not get to go to the bathroom except once in 13 hours and then are having trouble holding their bladder trying to unlock the door to the house. It is for the people that took their patient to the bathroom at least 12 times in those 13 hours. It is for the shifts that you have 5 patients and 4 of them are isolation with 3 that can not walk do to varying degrees of paralysis and your aid has to go home. Bad thing is all the patients are in bad shape not just yours.

It is for the poor laundry people who get the nastiest laundry to wash ever…I mean it EVER!!! It is for the people working MRD getting requests for things stat that they don’t even know what they are. But they still help you find it and get it to you because someone is yelling they need it now.

So this poor ugly, beaten soap is for those people that leave their families to take care of your families. For the people that come in the garage. Strip down, shower and fall into bed only to wake up 2 hours later thinking about something they forgot to do then call the floor to let them know.

Thank you to all that make a living caring for others. After Shift is dedicated to you! I am going to try to make a soap called Before Shift. For the people who look so beautiful and still smell good that come to relieve you. The ones we are so happy to see that it feels like just left.


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