Branding myself

This is really hard work. Not as hard as the BSN program I graduated from but different hard.

I have 8 subscribers to my YouTube channel and 44 views. I need 10,000 views to begin making money. Lets do the math….yea that is a lot! I tweet, Facebook. google plus, Instagram, Pintrest oh my gosh it goes on. I do not make any money on this blog because of decision by my original internet provider dropping affiliation with google+. If you want to go all the way back on my blog you can read all about that and how it is still not fixed. I figure I will just direct traffic to my YouTube channel instead if it is approved. Problem is it is still iffy if they decide to go back to original email account that no longer exists.

So here is what I am working with …a new tripod for an old camera. I have 2 cameras a DSL canon T2i and a canon 7.1 Mega Pixel Power Shot SD1000 Digital Elph. I bought 2 -16 gb memory cards.  Yea I know don’t laugh I only had a 4GB before this. I also have my phone a Samsung 6+edge

I set up a mock entry. Recorded it and tested the 2 cameras. Ok we can immediately take away the Elph for anything but taking pictures. The quality was night and day! It was grainy on my little computer screen. I can not imagine the recording on a big screen TV.

Something else I noticed was I sound like a hick. Yes I said that!! I am from Texas and everyone that watches even from other countries will know I am from Texas. Slow drawl bizarre lilting of my voice and all. I am also sure instead of 10 lbs my camera adds 40 lbs. Stupid camera! So when actual videos come out pleased imagine me as taller, lighter and with less of an accent. Thank you

At the moment of this writing, I have had 5200 or so views on this website. I felt like that was a lot and was proud of it. Apparently it is not good at all. So I am going to ask for things you might like to see! think about it. Comment somewhere anywhere and everywhere.

I am going to have to start the videos very low budget at first. I will be filming soaping, wood turning, paper making, spinning different kinds of yarn, and hopefully a viral kitty video! I have a couple of ideas in store. One of them being me taking classes in different hobbies and seeing how I do first time in. I am sure there will be huge entertainment value in that if you like to see failure, success, and possible maiming. I am a total klutz

At first the videos will be things I currently do and the new things will be techniques and unusual ingredients or things like that. I will try to add new stuff to everything I do. This will not be a technique how to type videos but more hey lets see what happens when I do this! So I have come up at least with my catch phrase

Lets see what happens!

Sorta reminds me of the time I accidentally spilled sulfur into my Bunsen burner in college..pretty color though! Or the time I turned the water a little too high while trying to distill water and the hose came loose and started shooting all over the class. Fun times. The professor did have a talk with me about unauthorized experiments.  My natural personality is mad scientist.

Unfortunately all the hard work in the world will not help me if nobody views, subscribes, comments, likes or things like that. I will try to be worthy. I will try to make content you guys enjoy in my weird drawl and inquisitive way.

I am going to end this post here and put a kitty picture just because.

Lets see what happens!


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