First week of Tour de Fleece!

I love spinning competitions! It gets everyone going and dreaming and creating and prepping and using all their million tools! Boy do we have tools! Most are sharp and scary to non fiber people.

Well first whole week I spun a grand total of 2.5 ounces! Not near what I wanted to do but I kept getting distracted! I would spin and then think ohhhh I want to make a spindle (Like I don’t already have enough!)

Now the really beautiful all wood spindle is my inspiration. It is made out of several woods and finished to perfection. The name is Cupid’s Arrow and Husband bought her for me for an anniversary present. Richard Ford from Heavenly Handspinning created this one.

Mine is the metal and wood one in the picture. I made a video on how to make a drawer pull spindle. I took this up several notches and cut and drilled wood and put it on the lathe and turned and finished the wood. Then I put a point on one end of the metal dowel and used epoxy to attach them together. I am loving this! Wood and metal the combination is awesome. I keep looking at it and touching it. I can not believe I made it. Very simple I know but a few months ago I had never used any of these tools.

See this is how my brain progresses.

Back to spinning. I am mostly spinning 14.5 micron Marino that I got from Camaj Fiber Arts. I splurged and bought a pound. I have never gotten anything this nice before but it was a group buy and I got it. I am going to be tired of just spinning natural color so I will probably prep and do some other color half way through to break it up.

I hope everyone had a great first week of Tour de fleece and enjoy my first week video!

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