Good Bad and Ugly

The Bad

Sorry everyone for the long hiatus. Life has a huge way of interrupting fun. I will try to be so much better now.

The good.

I am starting to really get the hang of knitting! Took online class in October and since that time have been going hat crazy. I have tried my hand at Fair Isle, Lace, and now even cables! The cable hat is mine all mine LOL.

fair isle hat dragon hatblue cablelace baret

So I the good I have updated the blog. The bad I was away way too long!! The Ugly?? Had to figure out personal taxes and taxes for 2 companies. Yuck!!


    • Kat Atkinson says:

      your comment was lost in a ton of spam. Sorry it took so long to see. I found that pattern in a magazine that I am having trouble finding at the moment. When I locate it I will let you know!

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