Mother’s day weekend or How to Turn a Vampire Red part 2

Good afternoon everyone! I split my Mother’s day weekend blog into two different parts because honestly I felt I would not keep any ones attention that long. I bored myself a little LOL.

Well the evening of Mother’s day was spent doing one of my favorite things! A bit of road therapy! For a change I am not stressed at all and really looking forward to the next day! I had been asked by my daughter to participate in career day at Vickery Elementary school. I still have no idea what I am going to say. I figure I will wing it depending on how the class reacts. I have so many things to talk about! I am a nurse that owns an outdoor construction company that is also soapmaking yarnspinning,  woodturning, spindlemaking woman. Problem is I only have 15 min and I am talking to kindergarten and first grade. Well I brought a little of everything and will entertain as best as I can.

I plugged in my phone for the music and put the top down on my convertible and rolling up the windows to cut down the wind a little. I am in Texas so air is on as well as cooled seats. I figure I would work on my increasing left ear deafness. Gotta love Bose speakers! All set to go fast and listen to loud music on the highway! In a happy place! Poor hubby was left mowing the lawn. Maybe he was not having as much fun as I was! He does not have air or cooled seats! My convertible is much more fun than his! Isn’t she pretty? I think of her as my KatMobile

My bad selfie for reference. I am totally unable to master the art of the selfie sorry people. I really need help with this.

You guys get the idea. OK now I am gassed up and ready to go. Diet Dr Pepper in hand I hit the road. I have the song in my head as I can’t drive 55. I let the wind blow my hair and the sun beat on my face as I head to I20! Only a few more hours and I will get to see 2 of my grandchildren oh and my daughter too LOL.

I get on to I20 and ready to speed things up a little. I20 had other plans. I went for miles and miles going between 0-20 back to 0. Trip is getting a little longer and time to spend with kids is getting shorter. Still I am enjoying my tunes and not really a thought in my head. I am one of the few that is not bothered by traffic jams much because usually there is a good reason. I passed the wreck and said a little prayer for the people involved. It looked really bad. So a moment of silence. I muted my music and then turned it back on and got up to speed.

The rest of my trip was uneventful. I stopped for one bathroom break and tried to figure out what to buy for the use of their bathroom. Anyone else do that? Stop to go to the bathroom. Feel compelled to buy a drink and then that makes you stop again later. It is a vicious cycle!

I made it to my daughters place before the kids went to bed so everything was all good!! I spoke with Sydney about what all she wanted me to talk about and apparently the grosser the better. I can do that! I am a nurse.

I got a few hrs sleep..#nightshift problems. No good sleep really happens at night. That is usually when I am up creating and making a mess. Still no real idea on what to talk about. I do know I am stressing the importance of education.

We got up. I get into my scrubs that I can’t seem to get away from and head down to the school. daughter leads me in and I get my briefing. I have my 4 class schedule and I go to the classes.

First class was fun and had a lot of questions mostly about shots and trampoline broken bones. I showed a few of my soaps and they oohhhed when the saw my support spindles I make. They thought they looked like magic wands!

Second class was not as impressed with me or my presentation but still had my 15 minutes of fame. I don’t feel like I did my best there. I shared with the third class how important it is to continue to learn and keep learning other things. We spoke about the differences between a job and career. I shared how I had dropped out of school in 10th grade. I went back to school when all the jobs available to me were pretty much dead end. I got my GED but as adult with 3 children I went to college to better myself. First thing I graduated with was my BSN. This class was so engaging! Weird how that is. They feed off the energy I am giving them.

Last class was the one with my youngest granddaughter. Her older sister was able to come to the class and listen. She brought her own stethoscope I had given her for Christmas. I told my story and this time we listened to hearts. The kids really enjoyed that!

For the record these are my grandkids and pics are approved! Love them to pieces!

I kissed them goodby and headed out. top down on the car and music going and headed to my new favorite shop. Rockler!!! The people are so helpful and friendly. I explained I only had 20 dollars and was directed in the best place to spend it. They gave money saving advise and that is why I will go back to this store over and over. I was asked if I was a mad scientist and I found that the biggest compliment ever!! Yes I am!!!!!! I got a couple of slimline pen kits, bushings and a drill bit. Already have some blanks at home as well as a few supplies. I hope I can make this work!

I got in my car about noon and headed home! Yes top down. Texas heat. Hence the vampire turns beat red. I hardly ever see full on sunshine and the past 3 days had been too fully exposed

The color only deepened throughout the day. By the time I went to work last night it was pretty bad looking. Even the part in my hair is red. I got asked the question over and over. Did you get a sunburn? Ummm yes I did lol. It was a great weekend!




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