I almost died because I did not have a headband!

Pretty sensationalist headline right? But it is true! Let me explain how that happened.

My daughter lives near Big D. She was not feeling well and I figured a short visit was in order. I had worked the night before. Came home and slept about an hour. Just laid around and got a later start than I wanted.

Now time for some road therapy. Day was pretty warm and I am just now getting over the sunburn from last time so I decided to keep the top up for now. Music blaring, and air on at this time. Little tired but I got this. Had to stop part way for more caffeine. Yep I got this!

I got to my daughters house and spent the next couple hours watching a movie with them and generally just hanging out. Nope no headband needed for this. I enjoyed petting her non psychotic kitty. The the crazy one leaves me alone LOL. My eldest has a very precious family! I enjoy spending any time I can with them.

Goofy family LOL. My brainiac has an aspiring scientist and the other an aspiring actress. She definitely has her hands full. I spoke with the oldest about maybe starting her own youtube channel. She wants to do one about science. She is a nerd after my  own heart. I love science and wild experiments! I also see some of my quirkiness in the youngest. I love to make people laugh and so does she! Well I am starting to fade so figure I better get on the way home.

Now comes the death defying part! I decided it was late enough to let the top down. I was tired so with top down, air on, caffeine in hand and music up loud (song Defying Gravity from the play Wicked)figured I would be safe. What I did not take into account was as usual I was letting hair fly in the wind because I was too cheap to buy a headband. Just as I got on the top of a tall bridge on I35 before Hwy 80 it happened. A huge clump of hair flew into my left eye. It was burning. both eyes were tearing up. I am trying to not close my eyes and fly to a certain death. I am also aware that cars are going beside me. Somehow I managed to get the clump of hair out. keep up the correct speed and not hit anyone or thing.

I am still not sure how all that happened but I am thankful. Life can end in a second. I see it every day. So today….I bought a multi pack of headbands. I also got some hair color because darn I am really showing the gray again!

Making of a soap recipe

Hello!! Woke up thinking about unique soaping recipes. Nobody can call me a traditional soaper. I am not a traditional anything. Love to try out all kinds of things in soaps even food items!

Many food type items in my soaps in the past have ranged from figs, avocados, tomato paste, blueberries, the list just goes on. Think of me as the mad scientist of soaping.

Right now I am working on a recipe using It works! greens on the go. Yes crazy I know but seriously it should work! It has a green color so soap should turn out either greenish or brownish. Some of the veggies and items listed are already used to naturally color soap. (Local gals working the business are Edith Lane and Caitlin Pennington just wanting to give a shout out!)

I am thinking mixing half of the batter in the greens and the other half in activated charcoal for color and detoxification. So now colors are chosen. Now to figure out the oils and how I want to formulate it

This is going to be a small batch so I want to use oils that are going to make a nice hard bar. I have too many oils to list. Think Lard because it makes a great soap and is hard. Shea butter and cocoa butter, thinking rich and luxurious. Olive Oil, Coconut oil and beeswax. Actually I think I have some bee pollen and might make a 3rd color using that with a touch of honey.  Now the recipe is getting more complicated than I originally intended but it should be a great formula. Now to find that blasted bee pollen.

I am going to use a rose mold my sister Karen gave to me. She has the most thoughtful gifts. Always thinks about what hobby I am working on and finds all the coolest things. Thank you Karen!

See that is how my thought process works on every single batch I do. How does your creative process work?

Making of my second real video!

Hello everyone! Hope you guys are having a great day! Worked last night so a little flighty today.

I did not sleep much and figured I would work on my second video. I decided to address my oils and how they kinda snowball when you are soaping. I now have gotten my weight workout done for the day.

I started filming and of course kitty Caramel has decided to get into the action. Trying to keep her away from things is like having a second job, or in my case a 3rd or 4th job.

I recorded the video with my Canon t2i camera. A little ancient for vloging but it is what I have and I am glad I have it. So many people are doing this with less.

I worked the weekend. In the healthcare setting that means 36 hours in 3 nights. It was not bad. I work with an incredible team even though I can not even force them to partake in my blogging or videos LOL. I am about to start publicly calling them out by name.

I got home and once again I get excited when I am off and thing of all the things I can do in my “free time.” I slept all of 1.5 hours and thought at this point it is a good time to make a video. I recorded and attempted to edit. I tried to pull the video up and for some reason it did not show up! I try again. No still not there. Must be something wrong with the computer. I restart the computer and I glitch. It keeps restarting over and over again. I am given the option to go to a previous restore point. I try to do that but then even that does not work.

I turn the computer off again and finally for some reason it decides to come back on. I go back to the program. I realized I had clicked I wanted to open a project already being worked on not a new project after all. Yep user error and then the computer hated me for making it restart and wanted to prove a point.

I really hope everyone likes my video. I will keep working on them but as I am a night shifter trying to do this in the day time they will probably never be perfect and I don’t think I want a perfect video anyway. That is just not me LOL


Soaping addiction 2nd video


Branding myself

This is really hard work. Not as hard as the BSN program I graduated from but different hard.

I have 8 subscribers to my YouTube channel and 44 views. I need 10,000 views to begin making money. Lets do the math….yea that is a lot! I tweet, Facebook. google plus, Instagram, Pintrest oh my gosh it goes on. I do not make any money on this blog because of decision by my original internet provider dropping affiliation with google+. If you want to go all the way back on my blog you can read all about that and how it is still not fixed. I figure I will just direct traffic to my YouTube channel instead if it is approved. Problem is it is still iffy if they decide to go back to original email account that no longer exists.

So here is what I am working with …a new tripod for an old camera. I have 2 cameras a DSL canon T2i and a canon 7.1 Mega Pixel Power Shot SD1000 Digital Elph. I bought 2 -16 gb memory cards.  Yea I know don’t laugh I only had a 4GB before this. I also have my phone a Samsung 6+edge

I set up a mock entry. Recorded it and tested the 2 cameras. Ok we can immediately take away the Elph for anything but taking pictures. The quality was night and day! It was grainy on my little computer screen. I can not imagine the recording on a big screen TV.

Something else I noticed was I sound like a hick. Yes I said that!! I am from Texas and everyone that watches even from other countries will know I am from Texas. Slow drawl bizarre lilting of my voice and all. I am also sure instead of 10 lbs my camera adds 40 lbs. Stupid camera! So when actual videos come out pleased imagine me as taller, lighter and with less of an accent. Thank you

At the moment of this writing, I have had 5200 or so views on this website. I felt like that was a lot and was proud of it. Apparently it is not good at all. So I am going to ask for things you might like to see! think about it. Comment somewhere anywhere and everywhere.

I am going to have to start the videos very low budget at first. I will be filming soaping, wood turning, paper making, spinning different kinds of yarn, and hopefully a viral kitty video! I have a couple of ideas in store. One of them being me taking classes in different hobbies and seeing how I do first time in. I am sure there will be huge entertainment value in that if you like to see failure, success, and possible maiming. I am a total klutz

At first the videos will be things I currently do and the new things will be techniques and unusual ingredients or things like that. I will try to add new stuff to everything I do. This will not be a technique how to type videos but more hey lets see what happens when I do this! So I have come up at least with my catch phrase

Lets see what happens!

Sorta reminds me of the time I accidentally spilled sulfur into my Bunsen burner in college..pretty color though! Or the time I turned the water a little too high while trying to distill water and the hose came loose and started shooting all over the class. Fun times. The professor did have a talk with me about unauthorized experiments.  My natural personality is mad scientist.

Unfortunately all the hard work in the world will not help me if nobody views, subscribes, comments, likes or things like that. I will try to be worthy. I will try to make content you guys enjoy in my weird drawl and inquisitive way.

I am going to end this post here and put a kitty picture just because.

Lets see what happens!

Mother’s day weekend or How to Turn a Vampire Red part 2

Good afternoon everyone! I split my Mother’s day weekend blog into two different parts because honestly I felt I would not keep any ones attention that long. I bored myself a little LOL.

Well the evening of Mother’s day was spent doing one of my favorite things! A bit of road therapy! For a change I am not stressed at all and really looking forward to the next day! I had been asked by my daughter to participate in career day at Vickery Elementary school. I still have no idea what I am going to say. I figure I will wing it depending on how the class reacts. I have so many things to talk about! I am a nurse that owns an outdoor construction company that is also soapmaking yarnspinning,  woodturning, spindlemaking woman. Problem is I only have 15 min and I am talking to kindergarten and first grade. Well I brought a little of everything and will entertain as best as I can.

I plugged in my phone for the music and put the top down on my convertible and rolling up the windows to cut down the wind a little. I am in Texas so air is on as well as cooled seats. I figure I would work on my increasing left ear deafness. Gotta love Bose speakers! All set to go fast and listen to loud music on the highway! In a happy place! Poor hubby was left mowing the lawn. Maybe he was not having as much fun as I was! He does not have air or cooled seats! My convertible is much more fun than his! Isn’t she pretty? I think of her as my KatMobile

My bad selfie for reference. I am totally unable to master the art of the selfie sorry people. I really need help with this.

You guys get the idea. OK now I am gassed up and ready to go. Diet Dr Pepper in hand I hit the road. I have the song in my head as I can’t drive 55. I let the wind blow my hair and the sun beat on my face as I head to I20! Only a few more hours and I will get to see 2 of my grandchildren oh and my daughter too LOL.

I get on to I20 and ready to speed things up a little. I20 had other plans. I went for miles and miles going between 0-20 back to 0. Trip is getting a little longer and time to spend with kids is getting shorter. Still I am enjoying my tunes and not really a thought in my head. I am one of the few that is not bothered by traffic jams much because usually there is a good reason. I passed the wreck and said a little prayer for the people involved. It looked really bad. So a moment of silence. I muted my music and then turned it back on and got up to speed.

The rest of my trip was uneventful. I stopped for one bathroom break and tried to figure out what to buy for the use of their bathroom. Anyone else do that? Stop to go to the bathroom. Feel compelled to buy a drink and then that makes you stop again later. It is a vicious cycle!

I made it to my daughters place before the kids went to bed so everything was all good!! I spoke with Sydney about what all she wanted me to talk about and apparently the grosser the better. I can do that! I am a nurse.

I got a few hrs sleep..#nightshift problems. No good sleep really happens at night. That is usually when I am up creating and making a mess. Still no real idea on what to talk about. I do know I am stressing the importance of education.

We got up. I get into my scrubs that I can’t seem to get away from and head down to the school. daughter leads me in and I get my briefing. I have my 4 class schedule and I go to the classes.

First class was fun and had a lot of questions mostly about shots and trampoline broken bones. I showed a few of my soaps and they oohhhed when the saw my support spindles I make. They thought they looked like magic wands!

Second class was not as impressed with me or my presentation but still had my 15 minutes of fame. I don’t feel like I did my best there. I shared with the third class how important it is to continue to learn and keep learning other things. We spoke about the differences between a job and career. I shared how I had dropped out of school in 10th grade. I went back to school when all the jobs available to me were pretty much dead end. I got my GED but as adult with 3 children I went to college to better myself. First thing I graduated with was my BSN. This class was so engaging! Weird how that is. They feed off the energy I am giving them.

Last class was the one with my youngest granddaughter. Her older sister was able to come to the class and listen. She brought her own stethoscope I had given her for Christmas. I told my story and this time we listened to hearts. The kids really enjoyed that!

For the record these are my grandkids and pics are approved! Love them to pieces!

I kissed them goodby and headed out. top down on the car and music going and headed to my new favorite shop. Rockler!!! The people are so helpful and friendly. I explained I only had 20 dollars and was directed in the best place to spend it. They gave money saving advise and that is why I will go back to this store over and over. I was asked if I was a mad scientist and I found that the biggest compliment ever!! Yes I am!!!!!! I got a couple of slimline pen kits, bushings and a drill bit. Already have some blanks at home as well as a few supplies. I hope I can make this work!

I got in my car about noon and headed home! Yes top down. Texas heat. Hence the vampire turns beat red. I hardly ever see full on sunshine and the past 3 days had been too fully exposed

The color only deepened throughout the day. By the time I went to work last night it was pretty bad looking. Even the part in my hair is red. I got asked the question over and over. Did you get a sunburn? Ummm yes I did lol. It was a great weekend!